HTG has been on a voyage for more than 40 years. Originally, the company’s activities date back to 1974, when Kamstra Shipstores started supplying duty free items to small vessels in the North Sea.

As the years progressed, the company expanded: more activities, more markets, and more companies continued to be added to the group.

  • 1970 s Kamstra Liquors
  • 1980 s Checkpoint Parfums and Class International
  • 1990 s Kafa, Kamstra International and Class Hair Care
  • 2000 s JTG Trading
  • 2010 s Union Commerciale des Vins de France and Square Dranken

In 1990, we changed our company name to B&S International Division North and became an established name in the world of international wholesale and distribution.

In 2007, we combined all our activities in a clear structure and created Holland Trading Group (HTG), resulting in an increased internal synergy and strong external image.

In our current structure, we are the largest wholesale company in Europe in fast-moving consumer goods and take a leading role in the international distribution of A-branded products. In more than 40 years of doing business, we have proven to make a difference in terms of reliability and efficiency.