Logistic Distribution

Our core business is being able to provide our customers with any product in stock at any time at affordable prices at a global level. To be able to maintain efficient and reliable delivery to all our customers, we have 50,000 square meters of warehouses at our disposal.

All purchased goods are stored in perfect conditions until they are prepared and shipped directly to customers all over the world. Our fast order processing system and sophisticated logistics system enable quick delivery. Through our wholesale companies, we are able to deliver our products within 24 hours in the Netherlands and within 48 hours in Europe. Strict quality control guarantees high-level service and delivery.


In 2012, we built a new state-of-the-art warehouse for our Perfume & Cosmetics division. This warehouse holds one of the most innovative storage systems ever produced. Only 97 companies in the world use AutoStore and HTG is proud to be leading in automated warehousing and distribution within Europe.

AutoStore stores the goods in bins that are stacked on top of each other in an aluminum grid. The system works with robots that move across the grid on tracks to deliver the goods to integrated picking stations. The system is fully automated and allows us to store our products with greater efficiency and reduced consumption of power and maintenance costs. Space requirements are also up to 60 percent lower and we are able to prepare orders four times faster.

Moreover, in 2015, we increased our number of robots from 20 to 32, which allows us to process 5400 bins per hour.