International distribution is a complex and challenging business to be in. From identifying the right markets, to finalizing the sale and shipment to our clients worldwide, this requires the right people. At HTG, we employ an international team of eager and dedicated professionals who work together to give our clients the right products at the best price with the highest possible level of service. Our employees have specific expertise and knowledge in the following departments to ensure that highly-trained specialists take care of every step of our customers’ business:

  • Sales and Purchasing
  • Logistics
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Legal Affairs
  • ICT
  • Human Resources

Human capital
We believe that our people are our greatest asset, so we constantly invest in their personal development. When employees start with us, they receive a trainee program highlighting all areas of international distribution. During their careers with us, we offer language courses, management courses, and full university programs.

Our strategic alliances with universities and schools of higher education throughout the Netherlands create career and education opportunities for students. By offering them extensive internships and starting positions, we support them as they make a start in the world of work. Our continuous commitment to workshops, guest lectures, and conferences helps us to play a part in the level of education achieved in the future.

Through our ongoing investment in people, we are not only making our company stronger, but also creating a highly qualified workforce in the areas we operate in.

HTG has created an extensive network of long-term business partners around the globe, enabling us to act fast. Our employees will always find the right solution to our client’s needs, always taking things one step further and giving HTG that leading edge.